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With Our Powerful Viral Contest Wordpress Plugin

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Discover How You Can Set Up Super Viral Contests On Your Blog And Start Building Your Subscriber List!

Let me break this news to you: Your blog is severely underperforming, if you are not actively engaging your visitors. You are leaving a LOT on the table. You may have hordes of visitor everyday, but you are losing a big opporutnity to turn them into subscribers and eventually buyers.

Just imagine, you are walking past a row of shops and one of them has a billboard promoting a contest. Wouldn't it immediately draw your attention? Wouldn't you be tempted to check out what that contest is about and what's on offer? Wouldn't you just go ahead and participate if all that the contest is asking for is your Name and Email to draw a winner?

The same human psychology works online when people visit your blog.

Even if you have a stream of visitors on your blog, they will just come and leave which isn't really useful if you are not able to engage them and transform them into what really matters most: subscribers and sales.

Today, Let Me Show You A Powerful WP Plugin That Can Transform Your Blog Into Subscriber-Sucking Machine Running On Auto-pilot.

Here's the truth: You earned your vistors: whether it was through paid traffic, search traffic, social media or referral. You have managed to get them on your site. And now you need to retain your site visitors before they leave your blog. You need to get them on your subscriber list so that your can turn them into repeat visitors or repeat buyers.

A person visiting your site will usually take just a few seconds before deciding to leave the site or stay longer on your site.

You have to grab their attention immediately, or you will have lost them forever...

Fortunately for you, I have a very effective solution that will STOP your visitors, and literally "force them" to interact with your site and signup to your list.

And, you know what, it’s all thanks to the amazing power of contests!

Turning Visitors Into Loyal Subscribers.

Many bloggers and marketers I have interacted with are really disappointed by the performance of their blog.

One of their major concerns is the high bounce rate (the percentage of people who leave the blog almost as soon as they land on the homepage). Search engines such as Google do not like high bounce rates, thereby pushing the site down in search rankings.

When I showed them my amazingly simple solution, they were so excited and wondered why they didn’t think of it!

Just look at some of the most popular sites out there. You will notice that they all keep running frequent contests and offer prizes to winners. And it's no surprise that their visitors are raving about it!

Well, I am now offering you this very Simple and Effective solution to run your very own contest and build your list from your WordPress Blog!

If you run a Contest on your site that let's visitors participate in it by providing their name and email, for a chance to win a cool offer, plenty of them will go ahead and sign up.

And the plugin will then prompt them to share the contest with their friends on various social media... thus pulling in more subscribers for your list!

After putting my newly developed WP plugin into action, you will start seeing results quickly - your site's bounce rate will decrease dramatically... and you will start getting new subscribers everyday!

A Superb, Subscriber-Increasing Wordpress Plugin...

WP Viral Contest is a superb, subscriber-boosting Wordpress plugin that will help you to quickly set up BEAUTIFUL & RESPONSIVE contest pages that will keep visitors engaged... and the best thing is that you can do this in just a few minutes!

The cool thing about WP Viral Contest is that it has a viral share feature built-in, which will get you TONS of people participating in your contests, and this will naturally bring you MORE subscribers!

So, how does it work?

Simple. People visit your site, enter a simple contest and then share it with their friends and families, thus making your contests go viral!

Just follow this simple 3-step procedure, and you will be up and running with your own contests to drive more action into your site, and start getting more traffic and new subscribers!

Super easy interface to set up your contest pages using in-built templates
Customize templates by adding images, changing fonts, background colors and even add your own background image.

Set the Start date and End date of the Contest from the interface and then Publish the Contest
You can even set the Start date to a future date. The Contest page will show a countdown timer till the start of the contest.

You can choose to share the contest on your Facebook, Twitter, Email and other social media accounts.
You can conveniently manage your contests from a very user-friendly control panel where you are in total control at all times.

When people enter the contest running on your blog, they will also be added to your Subscriber list automatically. They will be prompted to share the contest with others to get more entries. You can easily track ALL the results from your admin panel and see the contest statistics in real time.

FINALLY: When the contest ends on the desginated end date set by you, you can go ahead and pick a winner. You can quickly email the winner directly from your admin interface. It's that easy!

"1-Click" Integration with ANY Autoresponder including...

That's correct, you can choose to capture the leads directly into your Autoresponder on the contest page. Just copy-paste the autoresponder's form code in the software using your admin interface.

So each and every contest entry becomes a new subscriber on your list automatically!

You will simply love the features in this plugin!

Easy Set-up

You can conveniently manage your contests from a very user-friendly control panel where you are in total control at all times.

High Conversion Rates

Increase your subscribers by launching interesting & fun contests that convert like crazy.

Viral Sharing

Built-in feature to allow visitors to quickly share on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google plus and many more.

Built-in Templates

Use the built-in tools and templates to launch your mobile responsive contests within minutes. Customize it using the tools provided in the application.

Auto-responder Integration

Use any auto-responder to capture the leads directly in your auto-responder service.

Export User List

Export user details to excel/csv and import them in your favorite email service.

What This Plugin Will Help You Achieve

Sneak Peak of the Software Features

1 / 11
User-friendly interfaces to add and manage your Contests
2 / 11
Edit your existing Contests anytime you want
3 / 11
Customize the Content of your Contest Page
4 / 11
Add images relevant to your Contest topic
5 / 11
Integrate your Autoresponder or use built-in optin form to capture emails
6 / 11
Customize your Contest page using templates, color schemes, fonts, background image etc
7 / 11
Social sharing feature to make your Contest go viral
8 / 11
Select Winners with the click of a Button
9 / 11
View User Data. Export to Excel.
10 / 11
Nice Statistics feature to analyze your Contests
11 / 11
Generate Beautiful Responsive Contest Pages

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How do I install the plugin ?
Download the Plugin after payment. Log into the Admin area of your wordpress site. Go to Plugins->Add New. Upload the WP Viral Contest plugin and activate it.

How does this plugin help me grow my subscribers ?
Contests are an incredibly easy & effective way to encourage your visitors to engage with your site. When your visitors participate in your contest, they will also use the built-in social media sharing option to share your contest. This will quickly become viral resulting in huge traffic on your site.

What prizes can I offer to the winners of the contest ?
You can offer vouchers, amazon gift cards, discount coupons etc. Or, it could also be something related to niche, ebook, 1-hour coaching session etc. It's really upto your imagination and creativity.

Can I customize the Contest page?
Of course. The plugin provides plenty of customization options. You can start with the built-in templates & customize the content, colors, fonts, images etc.

How do I pay for the software ?
You can pay us online through credit card.

How much time does it take to deliver the software?
You will be able to download the plugin instantly.


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Why am I willing to make such an incredible guarantee?

Simple. I know this software will get you more action and more subscribers from your blog. I use it myself and works like crazy for me!

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